Recently (as of five minutes ago) i tried to connect to the game but I cant seem to connect to the EA "master server"

IT said "you connection to the EA master server has been lost"
i played it yesterday without any problems...

could the server be down? or is there a problem at my end?

on a lighter note
anyone else on UG play this game?
Try resetting your internet connection. Other than that, not a lot you can do but wait and try tomorrow.

I'm an avid player. It's a damn good game, though BF2142 has a sadly average overall skill level. I don't see that many people around who really make me impressed. However, the game is still increadibly balenced, and very fun to play. Part of that is that I believe is because is it is so hard to get to the level where you can be the leading force in a battle on your own. It is very much a teamwork game, which is why I love it. Every game is different, as different people form squads and act differently accordingly. Compare it to a game like CS:S, and you can essentially guess where the enemies will be, and be pretty accurate about it as well.
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^i agree

however the thing that i didnt quite like but it does make sense in the end
is that noobs (like me) have a disadvantage...
becasue of the unlocking features new players are left with worse equipment than more experienced players.

HOWEVER it makes sense becasue they've been rewarded for the time they put into the game and it motivates you to play more to get to that next rank.
its a really good game