I made this tonight, so it isn't completely structured (which is especially noted at the [40-41] transition). The verses are growled (think DT, Amon Amarth etc ..), and the choruses vocalised.

C4C, of course.


I removed the acoustic bridge thing, and added a new bridge and a small solo.
Death by Equilibrium.zip
Death by Equilibrium (2) (2).zip
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i liked it but i wish it used RSE.. good job man
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Dude, nice job. That main riff is really catchy and your vocing is well intuned with the rest of the song. I wish I would have wrote the damn thing. Keep it up man.
I enjoyed it overall. Suggestions: It seemed to go up and down to much, like a rollercoaster of moods, so I'd prefer less acoustic then electric then acoustic ect. I don't know if the clean intro added anything to it. Compliments: Your harmonies are great. And the whole thing worked really well.

I would like to see it again when you rearrange it.

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