I'm not currently making a pedal (but have parts to make a few).
I was wondering. Painting the pedal. If you just use regular spray paint, it may tend to chip off.
I have seen some products (not just pedals, but other appliances) that use baked on enamel. This type of finish is VERY durable.
Is it possible to do this just with a home oven?
Paint it with an enamel paint then stick it in the oven?
If so, how long and what temperature? Any special type of paint to use?

Baked on enamel is a very durable type of finish and being that pedals are kind of abused, I would think that this would be a desirable finish.
I think if you're using the oven for food, then no. The stuff kind of stays in the oven and can get into your food, which is a nono.

This will need confirmation, but I'm pretty sure on a tutorial I read (try google, I can't remember where it was) it said that you need a seperate oven.

However, if you have a spare, then sure, I'm pretty sure it works
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I was thinking maybe something along the lines of a toaster oven.
You can get those pretty cheap, like $20 or less at a second hand shop or a yard sale.
And I have 3 of those (only use 2 for food).
And I found this last night : http://www.autodidactics.com/woodboxoven/index.html