im just comparing prices on the marshall dsl401 and ive come across two very different prices and i was wondering if you could tell me if they are the same amp. i think they are but im not sure because one is so much more expensive than the other.


also while im on the topic any thoughts on this amp?
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Yup they are the same amp. It pays to shop around.

Supposedly the DSL sounds better than the TSL but i havent heard it in person so i wouldnt know. Anyone know how these compare to the peavey JSX?
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they look the same

im not blown away. i played one today, looking out for a high gain amp, and an epiphone SG special sounded better through a 5150 than a Gibson SG through that

its a good allrounder i suppose, a bit fizzy, but i didnt have a lot of time for EQing and that
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