I think this the right forum is it isnt I'll move it.Hey yall my brother wants to learn how to play, thing is he is left handed how hard will it be to convert a cheap strat copy into a left handed guitar?
Put the strings on upside down (well upside down if you were to play it right handed) and you got a lefty. Oh you might also want to readjust the pickup height.
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you can buy cheep lefthanded strat copies on ebay

but otherwise there are limitations , like for instance the cutaways is on the wrong side, so no high notes will be reachable (15th fret and up)
also he wont be able to use the tremolo i think
You need to change the nut to a left handed one and readjust the bridge and pickups

EDIT: ^^ I don't know if the trem will be a problem didn't SRV have a left handed trem on his strat?
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just re string it the opposite way. hendrix style yo.

wouldnt the grooves in the nut cause a problem. it doesnt seem like the low e could fit where the high e does very well.
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I'm that same way. You can restring it, and you should probably unscrew the strap button and put it on the other side, so it's more comfortable. Also, you don't have to do anything. If your brother is just learning, it doesn't matter if he learns lefty or righty. I would recommend him learning righty in fact, as it would give him a MUCH greater selection of guitars in the future. There are usually at most 5 lefty guitars in any store, which can have dozens of righty guitars.
There is no problem with an electric guitar. I did it myself and it was fine. However, I still recommend he learns righty so he'd have more guitars in the future to choose from.
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There is no problem with an electric guitar. I did it myself and it was fine. However, I still recommend he learns righty so he'd have more guitars in the future to choose from.

I completely agree

I mean, playing guitar is quite different from, say, using a pen > you need (at least) two hands anyway and all the intense stuff like stretching and bending is done with your left hand anyway
Tell him not to give up if it seems hard to learn righty at first, guitar is difficult no matter what when you first pick it up.
well I havent even started teachin him yet, he has to get the money for the guitar an amp first I would let him use one of mine but I only have one
Try Hendrix style, If you persist you can probably get those bass strings in the high strings' nut grooves. But the tone and volume knobs might be a little annoying. I think left handers can learn to play right-handed, my friend can play right-handed guitar hero (not an example I would use) although he is left handed. So try teach your bro right handed, then if he just really can't then teach him left handed. Hope I have helped.

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Jeez, just buy him a cheap left-handed guitar. Worked for me.
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Have him learn on a regular righty. He'll be way cooler if he can play any right handed guitar without modding it in any way. The guy from Wax On Radio does that. I also saw a sweet blues guy at Sam Ash who played like that.
I know a lefty who plays right handed.

Just teach him to play right handed. It ought to be easier, as he can just mimic your hand positions, instead of mirroring them in his mind.
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