My guitar isn't working.
I'm thinking it may be the input jack?
But it doesnt seem to tighten
Can anybody tell me what the problem might be and how to fix it
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The problem is your guitar is broken. What you want to ask instead is how you can fix it.
It's probably just a wire inside that can be easily located and soldered back into place. This might not be the case but it's what happened to one of mine once. Just make sure, if it is, that you re-connect it correctly as mine came loose again.
Open it up, check all the wires are attached to something. Check the input jack. Sure it isn't your leads? I chew through leads like a Homer and donuts. It's terrible.

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if you are sure its not the amp, then all you can do is open the guitar up

could try unscrewing the input jack first and making sure the connections are good
i'm not sure how to unscrew the input jack and how do i check if it's the leads or not?

(and yes i'm certain it's not the amp)
k i've opened up the back and theree is a red wire and a black wire and obth are disconneteed from the input jack?
how do i hook them on?
best way would be just with a soldering iron, pretty easy to do

i assume black is the live wire
so red must be the ground
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uh i just stripped some insolation and put it around the thingy.
will work, but that can come loose over time, solder means it stays on but its up to you, not a big job either way
where can u get a soldering iron?
or can i just like go to a place and ask to borrow one >_>
if you live in the US, then they say radio shack has them for a few dollars

if you live elsewhere, hardware stores would be your best bet

they arent worth much, just need it and some solder wire