this may be a broad question but what are scales and how do we play them with just guitar chords. The music we have at our church(where i play) only has chords on them and playing just single notes are kind of boring.
It's kinda hard to explain what scales are, um they're like musical language in a way, that tells us what notes go together to make what chords, and what notes/chords can be used together.

You can use notes from the scale that the song/part of the song is in to spice up your basslines. An easy trick is to alternate between the root note and a FIFTH above it (five notes up in the scale). this sounds really good in almost any situation.
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thankyou to the grave. roots and fifths are help alot. but how do i learn scales?
well, the easiest way is to just look on the internet or on this site even. Also, learn the notes up the neck on each string if you haven't already.
He KNOWS the scales, I think TS doesn't know what fits in what chords?

You should look up arpeggios, and learn chord theory (but all the other stuff has to come first though, or you won't get it).
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