So, I need a good amp. I'll be playing mainly high gain metal stuff, but sometimes I jam around with blues, or even some super clean stuff. I need an amp that will be good in pretty much all areas.

So, would a second hand Ashton Viper (combo or head) be better than a VJ with a few pedals in front of it? The VJ is ALOT cheaper, so I'd be able to buy a metal muff or something simular.

Depends on what you plan to use the amp for...

If its just a bedroom amp, definately go for the VJ IMO...it takes pedals well, easy to mod if the tone doesnt quite suit you and is plenty loud, and it sounds good. The ashton is a bit overkill for a bedroom amp, 100watts is way too loud even for really small gigs if you still want that natural overdrive of driven tubes. And the ashton sounds like **** imo.
VJ it is then. It's for small gigs and bedroom, I'm probably best off to get the head and buy a good cab aswell. Thanks for your help! I thought a 100w was definately overkill too :P
I honestly wouldnt get an Ashton valve. First off they're not THAT cheap. 2nd off, they don't really compete too well with the standard valve amps. and 3, 100W, preetty loud, it wont be worth it.

Go VJ. VJ is apparantly pretty loud for bedroom practice as well