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right... my dads bribing me with a Gibson Les Paul if i cut my hair... i rly dont know wat to do... cos my hairs a part of me... but i rly want the Les Paul too.... =/

so im asking you almighty pit... should i cut my hair and get the Les Paul.

Or should I keep my hair n keep my sucky strat rip-off?

Edit: right... i tried the LP Studio... and i actuli didnt like it :/ ..... im gna get an SG instead... cos i tried that too... and I LIEKZ EET!

edit numbah too!: right.. im cuttin my hair 2moro or the day after ... u guys dont need to vote anymore (but if pressing a button arouses u.. i wont stop u )...

so yeah im gettin the SG special and a Marshall MG50DFX

I didn't like the LP Studios that much :/.... (please dont eat me)

in the meantime u guys can wait in suspense and bet on how my hairs gna look

P.S grammar nazis... before u say anything I am aware that i was writing in internet slang so i cudve missed some letters out
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You cant be serious. If you cut your hair, you get a $3000 guitar. Thats a pretty easy choice.
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If you don't you are a failure at all levels. Hair grows back.
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are you sure he's not just pulling you?
tell him to get you the guitar first.

I mean, I'd cut my hair for $1000
Dude...hair grows back, but crappy guitars don't turn into gibsons.
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is it gibson or epiphone?
EDIT: sorry i didnt read the top compeletly. id go for it. +1 to everyone who said "hair grows back"
Your hair isn't that long anyways. It won't take long to grow back, if that's what you decide to do. I'd take the expensive guitar.
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^ Gibson

and apparently my hair has to be rly short... like above my ears.. lmao the thought of it makes me shiver..
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Do It Faggot!
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Cut it! You're gonna get a ****ing Les Paul!
I wish my parents were that cool. I'd shave every inch of hair off my body for one.
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It looks disgusting, cut it off.

Also a haircut would be in order, for the same reasoning.
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Dude, you can't grow a Gibson Les Paul out of your head. Shave your head, get the guitar, and then wait until you move out, and grow the hair back out. Problem solved.
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do you have some sort of mental problem that you have to debate over a haircut or a 1500 dollar guitar?
a gibson les paul = one of the most beautiful guitars evar

your hair = not one of the most beautiful guitars evar


EDIT: your hair is disgusting.
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just do it. its way worth it. plus n ooffence, but i dont think that it looks that good now anyway.

lol every1 says that... so.. fine... i guess im gna cut it then..
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it's a $1500 guitar

cut your hair
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keep the hair.

if you don't, at least donate it to locks for love.
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hair grows back,
offers for free gibsons dont
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lol every1 says that... so.. fine... i guess im gna cut it then..

you really aren't as stupid as you look then
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If you don't cut it, I'm coming to your house and cutting it myself.
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well i have this thing with my hair... for some reason i seem to bum of it even tho its horrible... so thats why i asked u guys... but yeah judging from the responses i'll cut it.

May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
Do it, and lose your integrity. I'm in your position, but without a Les Paul as a bribe...
Cut your hair
and get the lp
then grow your hair out
if your dad only wants you to cut it once and you still get the lp
i would so do it
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I hope you cut your hair and then your dad says Nah offers gone you took too long to think about it, I Can't believe i have a retard son who values ugly hair, which grows back, over $3000.
oh my god, are you retarded? cut your ****ing hair and get the les paul, the hair will grow back again eventually anyway.
I'd tell him to get you the guitar first then you get the hair cut...

or tell him to get the guitar, then run away with it and you can go L.A and join a band, tour become famous, change rock n' roll, do drugs, have 15 platinum records, sleep with 1000 women and run for president and you'll still have your hair.
Dude, when you cut it just spike it. youll still be metal/
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what LP is it ?

does it matter?

hell, i'd take a faded les paul over my hair