so, as the title says im thinkin about makin a guitar. the ones i'm interested in are sg's, x-plorers, v's, and teles. i like to play hard rock and metal. so, now is where you all come in and help a first time guitar buildong newbie. which one would be best for me and what kinds of machinery/ pickups/ strings i should use. thankzez to all and to all a good nightz.
A V would probably be the easiest body to build. I would use a Stew Mac Neck thru neck instead of making your own i think. I would have a band saw, router, and a drill press at least. You also will need a belt sander. Stew mac has alot of the parts you need, and WD Music has pickguards, pots, screws, all the little stuff you need. Look around at some of the other threads on here, and see if u can find the UG Custom Shop thread. That should be a big help.