between my three local guitar shops i've come across three guitars, all of which i love.

1. Esp Eclipse - Around $900

2. Schecter S-1 - around $600

3. Super Rare Kramer Alumineck 250G - Around $700

I have the money and all of these guitars are asthetically appealing and have a unique sound. What do you guys think?

BTW: I play mostly metal, sludge, doom, thrash, that kind of thing.
since the music, i say the eclipse, but i'm pretty sure it's LTD not ESP, but i think i personally would go for teh kramer, just because they're rare
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Personally, I'd take the Eclipse, but I'm not you bud.
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Dilemma, not delema lol.

Yea go for the Eclipse.
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Yep, considering your music style, the Eclipse would be your best bet.

Rock on, dude, that's an awesome deal.
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Eclipse. ESP = win.
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ESP, duh.
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