well hello there, i'm new to guitars and i'm kind of sad on how hard the beginnings are. please cheer me up! was your first weeks of playing so hard too? and how is it now? is it still so hard to play after few years of practicing?

well i'm playing for 1,5 week and have learned like 15 chords, but yet i still have difficulities to use them efficiently in songs.

thank god i have a motivation so i still try to learn!

i can't even make a single power chord to sound nice on amp and it was supposed to be the easiest thing of playing a guitar.

seriously, i feel like a retard who will never learn how to play correctly did you have the same feeling when you were starting...?
when I started playing, I was learning by a video and I learned the chords really fast, but using them in songs was still a problem just keep at it and it wont be long before your playing gets a lot better and good luck
power chords were actually nails for me lol, but dont worry after about a 6 months you'll look back be like wow i sucked, and then if you continue to practice (which does get easier in my opinion) at that rate your playing with improve exponentially
learning 15 chords in 1.5 weeks ain't half bad
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A good thing you might want to do is to learn songs that teach you a little bit of everything (ie chords, arpeggios and even leads). Open chords are very important to learn in the beginning; if you rely too much on powerchords, you will sound too much like every other guitarist these days (and I'm definitely not saying to disregard them either, as they are very important to attain a heavy sound). Three songs that I feel cover all of the basics are:

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin - definitely an obvious choice, but it does teach you many of the things you will need to learn in order to become a competent player, including classical playing.

Fade To Black by Metallica - though it doesn't have any classical finger picking, it definitely makes up for it with it's sheer intensity. Also is a very impressive sounding song, though not overly difficult.

Art Of Life by X Japan - a song and band you will have never heard of, however, the intro uses many open chords that are useful to enhance your playing, and it is a half hour song, so you can learn pretty much anything by playing it...
I wasn't very commited when I first started, so learning about 15 chords in 1.5 weeks is good

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