What are you trying to master? Legato? Tapping?
At the moment (well it's been ages) I'm trying to get my sweep picking down, seems to be taking so much longer then anything else I've done, but itl be worth it.
How bout you guys?
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To answer your question, I'm just noodling around.
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Sweeping. It certainly is a long process, but I've come pretty far from when I started (around mid-December), so I'm sticking with it.
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I'm working on improving my accuracy.

I'm pretty accurate as it is, but I'm far from perfect.
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To bring out pinch harmonic perfectly everytime anywhere on the fretboard. I'm starting to get a hang of this now.
Getting better at alternative/economy picking (I can do licks clean, but I wan't to do harder stuff, and be more versatile), sweep, crazy tapping, theory.

Order in wich I do it: Alternative/economy+theory, sweep, crazy tapping and something I haven't begun on yet: string skipping.

Much to learn. But I haven't been playing for that long so it's okay.
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Developing an individual style, hard to do in this day in age. Also songwriting. Accuracy and technique.

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Im using john pretrucci's rock discipline for accuracy and speed...so i use that for practicing wit the metronome....it seems to work very well...

but song wise, im learning....guns and roses sweet child o'mine main solo, Mr crowley, Over the mountain, miracle man..by Ozzy and randy rhoads and zakk wylde....also santana and gary moore.

as for boring stuff goes, im learning mode and more interesting scales othe than the pentatonics.
*sigh* chord progressions and strumming patterns.....thats what happens when you skip chords and go straight to power chords and the pentatonic scale.
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certain barre chords
and songwriting i guess :/
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6-string sweeps + tapping (at the same time)
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sweeping, and songwriting skills.


Trying to improve my slide guitar, actually. Been studying George Harrison's work, still haven't been able to figure out how he got such a neutral-sounding slide style....
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trying 2 play


real quick and muting the b after its played haha.
Singing and playing at the same time. My band can't find a singer that's good enough so I'm gonna try it out:P

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clean playing and speed. and the sweep-taps from fermented offal discharge.