I've been playing about 8 months. I was discouraged and distracting for about 3 months (World of Warcrack) but have been really working at it again recently after picking up a pocket pod and the Rockhouse Method DVD set.

I just got Guitar Pro 5. First off, the sound engine is very impressive. The drums and instruments really sound good, not like crappy old computer midi files. I quickly found how to slow and loop tracks and sections. I'm very happy with the $$ value.

I have been learning the rhythm of Seek and Destroy since like day 1 piece by piece. Knowing each section and working them individual I thought I had it down.

I just finished up my first real practice session on Guitar Pro. I looped it into my Pods CD in and played along the tab. Wow, that was a slap in the face My timing was all over the place. While practicing before I would work each section until I thought I had the timing right, I was wrong!

I played the entire song (rhythm) about 5 times in a row, improving each time. Guitar Pro is really going to help me. At first I was following the tabs for timing but near the end I was getting used to the drums and focusing more on that. I muted the rhythm line and halfed the lead guitar so I was really standing out in sound level equal to the drums. It was awesome for training.

Any advanced Guitar Pro users have any tips on the software?
It's a very good piece of software BUT!! don't fall into the trap that I originally did and just play along without comparing what's coming out of the amp to what the program is doing, in terms of note length and rhythm, basically, make sure you don't lose your 'ear' for it dwindle with the ease of the programme