a group of students and i watched the BME Pain Olympic after class the other day. It was pretty brutal, the kind of thing i regret watching. Afterwards this kid jeremy made mention of another video even worse called the Spankwire video. Im debating wether of not to search it. But what the hell is it?

Three cheers for moral bankruptcy
It's a collection of guys mutilating their dicks. I couldn't even get passed watching 20 seconds of it.
Ohhhh ^

I thought you were meaning the porn site

There's a few PO-like vids on that as well.
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Man... now I gotta clean my laptop screen.

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I think I need a glass of water and a nap.

ugh. no way.

has anyone seen this vid where a girl is blowing this guy, the starts violently shoving a dildo down his dick? I threw up after watching it. he was literally cuming blood
I just looked it up.

It's...the cannibal corpse version of 2 girls 1 cup...

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I beleive the guy with the dildo one is called "Kids in a sandbox"

My friend sent it to me saying it was a clip of america's funniest home videos and this one kid was pwning this one other kid in a sandbox, and I believed him because he always sends me stupid **** thats not funny, so I clicked the link thinking wtf i guess ill watch it.....

it wasn't really kids pwning each other in a sandbox....