Preferably around the same age as us (A bassist and guitarist 16, in year 11) We haven't really decided on which one of us will be doing vocals, so if you wanna do that n'all then go for it

We have next to no material, would like to write some tunes for a bit of fun and possibly gigging.

We would probably rely on practicing at your gaff too, unless you're willing to take your drum kit to one of our places - or we may book in a rehearsal studio if everything goes fine and dandy.

Influences/Music taste includes a broad range from the likes of:
Muse; Rage Against The Machine; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Biffy Clyro; Oasis; Jimi Hendrix; Bloc Party; Reel Big Fish; System Of A Down; Foo Fighters etc...

That's more of bands we like rather than what [we/the stuff] we've written with so far sounds like. That's probably more RATM or RHCHP style stuff, though personally I find it eas[y/ier] to write heavier stuff.

Everything is pretty flexible really, we both want to be in a band quite a lot is pretty much all.

Message if interested