hey all.
im in the market for an epi lp, and im guna be buying used, and i have found two that i really like. One is a standard, in blue sparkle, and is a 1996/1997. it is in near mint condition, and hasnt been played in like 9 years, and has been stroed in its case. its on trademe (our new zealand ebay), and the reserve is $350. there is also a epi custom in alpine white, for bout $1000, which is near new. and then there are some other standards that are also near new for around $800.

i really like the blue on cause it really stands out, and i like being diffrent, but what i want to know, will the quality of it, since it was built 10 years before the other ones, be much different to what the same guitar made today would be?

hpfully ill get $800 for my guitar (esp ltd viper 301) which im tryna sell at the mo, so i dont wana spend much more than that, but yeh.

so should i go with the newer more expensive giutars, or try get a bargain on a mint condition older guitar?

Older lp, will play just as well as the others. i would go with the older one
Yeah, i hear the pre-2006 epi les pauls are a mahogany/alder mix while the post-2006 ones are full mahogany..dunno how that affects the tone or sustain but i'd go for the newer one