I dont really play with drums a lot. I either play by myself or along with a cd. Im gonna start jamming with a friend and he has a drummer he plays with. But id like to know a couple things before i go over there. I dont want to look like a total newb any hints?
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As in you wanna know how a drumkit works? Or how to build a good beat?
basically if you've never played with a drummer before, the best advice i could give you would be to play along to a metronome. That's about it, cuz it helps keep your timing in check and in turn it can also build up speed. Give it a shot
Really what you wanna do is get the drummer to help you accentuate parts of your rhythm. Take this tab for example:

 1 & 2  & 3 & 4 &

(part of main riff of supermassive black hole by muse)
All of those are eighth notes by the way. Your drummer should ideally keep the rhythm by using a bass drum on every beat. Now looking again at the tab, you can see that the 2nd and 4th beats are being accented. This means your drummer should follow suit. I've seen the tab and, while he doesn't actually use the bass drum on every beat, the drummer uses his snare drum to strengthen the rhythm. The actual riff he uses might be quite complex(Dom actually uses closed hi-hats to keep the rhythm, but you can barely hear it), but that's a simplistic version of how you would build a drum riff.

Important part: Don't make him do anything flashy; he is the rhythm section. It just sounds odd unless it's a drum solo or he knows what he's doing(see Honor Thy Father - Dream Theater, he's still keeping the beat despite the very fast drum intro).

Edit: Oh and yes, use a metronome