Amazing man keep it up guitars are sick suprizes me sometimes i listen to all these band that are just as good as any other "big band" and are not even signed Looking forward to the album
the guitars are cool, and the vocalist is decent and will get better with time. i think your drummer could spice it up a bit with some fast kicks and stuff, he is a little boring(i dont mean that in a bad way, i just mean he need to let his presence be known more)
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its metal/electronica
The beginning of the main riff on Writhe sounds like one of the riffs in one of my songs, but besides that it's pretty cool

I liked the songs, pretty nice. I agree that your drummer needs to be a little more creative, it is a bit boring, he needs to throw in some more fills instead of just hitting the cymbals and snare. Your vocalist sounds like he's trying a little too hard to scream and how it's recorded makes it kinda sound like it's in a tunnel or something, but his scream will get better with time so that's nothing to worry about really.
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