I got a strat and it got knocked off my bed (but fell straight down so not a single bump, dent, or scratch )and it absolutely killed my whammy . broke most off. Gotta get other part out of bridge, which will be hard due to the fact it is only about 1/4 of an inch inside bridge, not worried about cost of new whammy, im worried about how and how much it will cost to get off bridge , if i cant do it myself. Please help me, the songs i play gotta have a whammy, and a slide wont work very well. Thanks!
are you talking about the bar itself?

if so, thats gonna be a bitch to fix, you got 2 options

A:Get a completely new tremelo

B: Risk your finish, and either you, or a luthier drill out the part that is stuck in the bridge, and of course, buy a new bar

goodluck eh?

dude, super glue the broken part of your whammy bar to the part thats stuck inside the bridge, duh...j/k...uhm...dude i really dunno, have you tried using like a big magnet or something? i really dunno
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If i super glue then it will be a pain to actually use...even if i took off the bridge i couldnt get it out.
yeah it is the bar. i might as well buy a new trem bridge, i was gonna get a new pickguard and other accessories...gives me one more reason to go somewhere
You could probably save alot of money by fixing the one you have now, the bar is replaceable if you manage to get the broken peice out. Theres many, many threads like this one. See what your parents or locals can do
Go to the hardware store and ask about an "Easy Out." Also they may have other suggestions.