post any stories that you have, be they funny, interesting, mind boggling, sad, made up, whatever. if you want to rant about something, that's alright, as long as you write a story about it.
There have been quite a few threads about different sorts of stories, such as guitar store stories, stories about getting in trouble, breakup stories, etc. i figure they're all so damned good, we might as well have them all in one place.

I suppose i'll start.
me and a friend live in a pretty remote neighborhood, way back in the woods. some new neighbors were building a house a ways down the street, and they had a big trampoline sitting on their property.

now, no one was there, as they only came on like weekends to do work, and their house wasn't in sight of anyone else's property, so my friend and i decided to do some jumping on the trampoline. well, we kept making daily trips to their property to have some fun, and one day this guy pulls up to his property and slams on his brakes, jumping out of his truck. my friend and i are freaking out, of course, and the guy starts yelling some stuff, "don't you ****ing move!" etc.

well, we always took our shoes off to be polite and not get dirt on the trampoline, so we had to get out (there was a net around it) and grab our shoes. by this time the guy was like 20 feet from us, and he saw that we had put our shoes on and he started to run at us. what did we do? we ran like hell. now consider the fact that we live out in the woods, and this guy just moved here. we knew about all these places where paths had been cleared out by bulldozers and such, but hadn't had any more development for years, so we knew some good places to get away. we started booking it for this one open spot in the woods that led to a webwork of paths, and the guy had gotten within say ten feet of us.

we ran to the opening and started weaving down some trails, and we could still hear the guy chasing after us, but we'd definitely gained some distance. we ducked down one last trail and jumped off of the beaten path and into some bushes behind an old rotting tree. (you know how they turn into big lumps of reddish, crumbly wood; that sort of thing).
we hear the guy running, saying something about not wanting to do anything, just wanting to talk to us, and we hear him run off down some other trail. by this time we think we're in the clear, that all we have to do is wait it out for a bit and he'll never come back to this spot and look for us.

we end up waiting for longer than we thought we would, just to be on the safe side. we lied down talking about where we were gonna go, whether or not we thought the guy was waiting for us somewhere, etc. eventually, after about an hour of both hiding and slowly making sure the nearby trails were safe, we started to make our way out. as we approached the clearing, we peeked out and saw a freaking cop car in front of the guy's property, with a cop talking to the guy. who calls the cops on two kids for jumping on a trampoline?

anyway, there wasn't really another way out of these trails, unless we wanted to bushwhack our way out to the nearest road. we knew that was what we had to do, so we made our way through a wall of ferns and prickly bushes and whatnot until we reached our neighborhood road. we went back and changed shirts at our houses and hung out at my place for a bit, until we decided to go out and skateboard and play hacky sack.
when we got to the top of my driveway, we saw the cop car patrolling the area. now, the cops in our town don't have much to do, but this was a bit much. we went and skated down to a dead end and walked through a trail to have a cigarette and do some hacky sacking, eventually going home to finish off a slightly entertaining day.

pretty lame, but that's why everyone needs to post some interesting stories of their own to share.
I think it's pretty interesting that you tried to use BBCode in your title.

EDIT: You took it out.
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anything that has to do with butt****ing a girl, and her letting her bowels loose on your dick.
happened to me once. now i look back on it, and its funny though.
yes, well i've never been one for interesting titles, so i never knew if it worked or not. anyway it's fixed. i don't suppose you have any interesting stories?

EDIT: and the point of this thread is to WRITE OUT your stories, not give two sentences on something. no one is entertained by a story if you summarize it with ten words. i'm sure a story about a girl ****ting on your dick could be quite entertaining if you'd actually tell it.
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So uhh.. Well, I was out a shin-dig last night, and as it turns out there was a bottle of tequila there that no one really wanted. So, I drank it. But, because I'm a Mexican, I'm pretty sure it awoke the Aztec ancestors within my soul, because soon after a friend of mine was screaming about a wasp being so close to her. By this point, the tequila had set in, and so did the Aztec Warrior in me.. So, I sprung into action, and smacked the wasp just hard enough with a fly swatter to hold it in place while it was buzzing around. I then sat there with a knife and cut off it's stinger.. Actually, it took awhile to cut off the stinger, the wasp was a lot harder than I thought it would be.. Anyway, at that point, I held it by it's wings, because it was defenseless. I then proceeded to tell it that it's life wouldn't be wasted in vain, he was going to be sacrificed to the sun, after I ate him.

Then I ate him.

So my question is... If you eat a wasp that no longer has a stinger, and you MAY be allergic to them, how long will it take you to feel any side affects? Or has the time already passed, and am I all right? I ask, because my stomach feels very weird at the moment..

Reposted because it was funny.
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