Oh no! I didn't put this in the next generation console thread, somebody cry...

But anyways, i just got a psp, love it, but my friend told me how i can torrent games onto it, but how does that all work, because i've got Socom FireTeam Bravo torrented on my computer, and it's about 550 mb. I'm no computer idiot, but could somebody who knows what they are talking about please tell me how to go about putting it on my psp and playing it.
downgrade, then upgrade to cfw
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make sure your memorystick has enough space...if you have a 256 mb you might be able to find a cso or two that will fit on it,

...if your lucky
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Well it depends on what firmware version you have. Find it under system settings -> system information. Also I'm assuming you have a psp slim, but I'm not really sure how to downgrade/upgrade on the newer firmware versions & you're probably gonna need another psp to do it.

edit: actually they have higher than 3.71 ... right now I'm holding my psp which is 3.80M33-4, the newest of the custom firmware that allows you to download games & such.

edit2: nvm...3.90M33 is out now....
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^^^^^^sorry my fine feathered friend but that is where your wrong
a few days ago they came out with 3.90M33

tjbhdeath squad go here: http://forums.afterdawn.com/forum_view.cfm

one of the stickied threads is surly the one for you, just folow everysingle direction down to every last detail or you will be left with nothing but the most expensive paper wait you ever bout in your life!!!!!!!!!

ps... i think im wrong...im pretty sure there is a way to fix psps when they frig up to up/down grading firmware...
good luck to you
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if you had a DS and wanted to play downloaded DS games id be able to help you...

too bad you obught the wrong handheld

i have a DS, how do you download DS games to it?