so i just got a new set of strings, 12-54s.
i got them so i could detune, but now im terrified of tuning up to standard without breaking a string. so my question is, should i be fine? and how can i prevent a string breaking? oh these are d'addario strings, and it said on the package "optimized for standard and down tuned" any help appreciated, thanks.
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"optimized for standard and down tuned"

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if it sez "optimized for standard and down tuned" u should be fine...dont worry bout it
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i swear by this gauge. use from e flat and down to drop b. im sure you'll be alright with standard. just tune up gently :P
well i have the same brand strings on my SG... and i was scared 2 go back up 2 standard, too... but i did it anyway and was just fine...
hope i helped...
It probably won't break if you tune it back up, but constant detuning will wear the strings out faster methinks. I wouldn't worry about it too much. You'll break strings once in a while, it's pretty much inevitable unless you play really light and don't do any lead work.
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strings will be fine. I use .11's-.60's and I"m tuned to standard. jam on bro. and remember, Bridge cable strings are the only way to go.
Just tune it. What's so scary about a string taking out your eye?
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