I finished the guitar to this song a while back and just recently finished the drums and bass. The drums definately won't be the best, just so you guys know. Same with the bass. I am a guitarist, not a drummer or a bassist. I do play a bit of drums, but I suck horribly and I only have a peice of crap starter kit with no double bass pedal or ride and only one crash and it's just a peice of crap. So, I basically just write the drums on guitar pro alone, I don't bother to play them. I try to make them playable though. But, yeah, so The drums might not be the best. I also try to make the bass a bit more than a simple bass line, just playing the bass note of each chord, but it's really hard for me. I don't know really how to make a bass sound good here, so, a lot of the time, it does come out sucking and I'm sorry.

However, if you guys could comment on all aspects of the song (even bass and drums) I would greatly appreciate it. It would be nice to get commentary on how to improve everything. Thanks.
the part with the clean interlude is good, the bass gets me there (good) i dont get the one bar for the bomb tho...could you tell me how to compress gp5 files and put them on sigs, profiles....
The bomb thing is just an effect to play with. I think people just go back to the original recording and inhance the sound of the bass drum or something, but I don't really know how it happens in real life. I know that blessthefall does it a lot at the beginning of their breakdowns. I just thought it would be fun to try to recreate that sound on guitar pro. It does kind of sound weird though.
Oh, and to answer your question about the sig, what you need to do is (I'm gonna walk you through totally because I don't know what you know):
1. Save guitar pro file in my documents, not gp5 data.
2. If you want to you can export the file to midi and gp4 for the people who don't have gp5, you don't need to do this, but some people prefer it.
3. open up my documents, highlight the files you want to put on here, and send to zip.
4. Do new post, attach on the file (near the bottom of the post page)
5. Copy the url
6. Click on private messages in upper right hand corner, then on edit sig in upper left.
7. There should be a button thing above the square where you type up your sig, it looks kind of like Earth with like a paper clip or something, it's called insert hyper link.
8. Click on that, allow scripted windows if your comp asks you, then type in what you want to show up in your sig, paste the url, hit save sig and you're done.
I liked the intro. The drums are kind of annoying (popcorn?) but should be midi's fault. The riffs are nice, make me want to head bang. The clean interlude was really good too. good job.

Mind critting mine? (New one in sig) Thanks.