I'm having a tough time choosing which company I should send my pedal into.

It's an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808, and I want to get the TS808 Plus True-Bypass w/JRC mod on the Keeley site.

On the Analog Man site, I was thinking of getting the True Vintage mod.

So UG, which company should I send my pedal into, Keeley, or Analog Man?

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I would suggest keeley. I did mine myself, so the only difference is no TB, and it sounds 100 times better than a regular 808. It cleans up better, gets more overdrive, doesn't get muddy like a regular one can, and is just better overall. Its still a tubescreamer, just more a boutique and less mass produced-crappy version
Hey thanks Twevo for you suggestion. I can't help but notice you did a Keeley mod on your TS-9, must have been fun.

s.r.v money isn't an issue here. Quite doesn't answer my question too.
They do different things.

Keeley completely overhauls the board and with new caps and stuff, and increases your bass response, while Analogman just converts it back to 80's vintage specs. Both sound better than stock, but they change the tone in different ways.

Do you want more bass response? Do want more clarity? Are you looking for the ultimate vintage accurate tone?

First two - go with keeley, third, go with analogman.
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Do it yourself, its not hard at all.

Really? I could do it myself? Can you PM me a step-by-step guide on how to do the mods?

But im scared ill harm my pedal, Im not the greatest with a soldering iron
how much are you willing to spend? because there comes a point when you could just get a BYOC kit and mod it to your specs
i did the keeley mod to my blues driver, except for drilling in a new switch. it's really daunting at first, but it's really easy once you get going.

and there's plenty of step-by-step things online. just search google.
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