My band and I have been recording some demo tracks for our myspace www.myspace.com/durdenil

we are having some problems though with getting the timing right. When everyone plays the songs in practice, it's all good and all in time. When we go to record however we have some problems. We have two eight tracks, one four track, and one microphone to record with.

For one song we need to record Vocals, Drums, Bass, An acoustic (that plays the whole time) A clean lead (blues kind of background track), and a solo track (four solos, can't be recorded with the other guitars due to channel selections)

any ideas?
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take this to Riffs & Recordings

now that this is in the correct place, read over the stickies and watch the videos.

your MTRs, are they analog or digital?
I suggest selling them and putting the money into a few good mics and an interface so you can record two mics at one time. For drums you may have to mix more than two mics into the interface with an analog mixer.

Your goal is to get all tracks separate, which means a different track for each instrument/take.
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buy the latest issue of Guitar World, they have a section on recording.
^Well it might help, I believe he can get far more and better help from reading the stickies and checking out this website: http://www.tweakheadz.com/guide.htm
PM Me for any help you need with recording systems/tips
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