Hey guys, im looking for some good metal songs to learn, im kind of transitioning between begginer to intermediate, but im more on the intermediate side. Does anyone know some good metal songs that i could learn? im not into black sabbath, and i know most metallica song pretty good, so yeah thanks for the help. im playing a Ibanez RGT42DX
enter sandman by metallica quite the beginner song
sorry by saying i know most metallica songs pretty well, i meant that i can play most of them, the mains ones i know are Enter sandman, Most of master of puppets, and Fade to black
Anything by Pantera, Slayer(if you wanna try the speed and stuff), Megadeth, etc.

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Metallica - sad but true

The Darkness - I belive in a thing called love (kinda metal...fun intro)

Black sabbath - paranoid

Black sabath - iron man

Deep purple - smoke on the water (not metal but still good)

pantera - walk

pantera - cowboys from hell

pantera - message in blood (all rythm parts)

Trivium - we are the fire
The intro to Crazy Train by Our Lord Randy R... I mean, Ozzy, is great for working out your alternate picking.
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