Altering and dropping heavy tunings (ie. B standard).
Im not sure, im thinking of buying a cheap ESP/LTD to alter and get set up for low tunings. Is it worth it? Im kinda needing something to satisfy my "Extreme Metal" needs and low tuning needs or whatever. I dont know, what do you guys think? Any ideas for good altering guitars that are also good for metal?

EDIT: Tight budget, like, real tight

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I'm going to do it. I can't constantly be bothered to set up my Floyd every time I want to change tuning. I'm going to just save up and get a really nice one though. That might work for you to if you can manage to wait.
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My LTD ex-50 was set up for standard D-drop C stuff. But then I switched it back to standard E because I'm not into much metal anymore.

You might wanna take a look at some of the 200+ series, they are not real crap unlike the 50-100 series but no the best either. Or you can look at used something from the 400+ series
I would say so. I have a guitar that I keep in Drop C for metal stuff and then I have a Strat in standard tuning for whatever.
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get yourself a decent 7-string, so that your range is still the same up top, and you have that crushing low end that you want for "Extreme Metal." there are a couple of ibanez's and schecter's available for reasonable prices