I'm having a lot of trouble finding sound bites of the M80, but I'm mainly looking for a distortion pedal. The M80 is a direct box with distortion, and blow torch is just made for distortion, so I assume that Blow Torch will have more variety in the types of distortion I'm trying to get?

I've already gone through several "cheaper" distortions looking for a particular tone. I've gone through a Boss ODB, a Digitech Driver, and Ibanez Phathead, and they all have similar fuzzy/farty sounding guitar-ish distortion, where as I'm looking for something with a trebbly/clanky metal on metal type sound (Thrice, Brand New, The Receiving End of Sirens).

Which of these pedal is best suited for that, and if neither of them, suggest one that is.
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I'm assuming you've probably been here but if you haven't there are a few sound clips:


I have never used the M80, but I will say I adore my Bass Blowtorch. I just got it last christmas. It has a wide variety of sounds. You can get anything from your traditional fuzz sound to an almost synthy, trebly sound. You can dial in a lot of different tones.

I would upload a sound clip but for some reason the distortion doesn't sound good when recorded through my audio interface. = / not sure why.
I'm glad you posted, I was beginning to think I had posted this in the guitar section...

Anyways, I listened to those samples, and they both sound way too fuzzy for my tastes, especially the second one. I'm looking for clips of the M80 more than anything.
well, it is mainly a fuzz pedal. You can get a lot less fuzzier tones though. There's a "torch" on/off switch and with it turned off it sounds a lot more like regular distortion. Once again, I wish I could record it. Then again it still might be too fuzzy for your tastes.
Yeah that makes me lean more towrads the M80, but I really wish I could play it. Sadly, all the shops around here don't have much of a selection of bass pedals outside of boss and digitech.
If you're willing to try Boss again, they have a gnarly distortion modeling pedal that they claim has a lot of sounds. It's the OD-20--one of the new twin pedals. But maybe I'm just attracted to it because it looks like it's really cool. :/
I'd say the distortion you're hearing is an overdriven tube head (most probably Ampeg). The M80 can do this OK but the SansAmp Bass Driver and Fulltone Bass Drive do it better in my opinion. I have the Fulltone and bought it over the other two because I just thought it had something more to it's sound that the others didn't but I'd definitely recommend giving it and the SansAmp a go before splashing out on an MXR.
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I own the M-80 and it kicks maximum ass. The distortion is very decent, the pedal has a three band EQ, and makes my bass sound incredible, I got into my band almost on the sound from that alone...It was that good...
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