Hey guys!
Im going to be graduating this May and am currently on the look for a college to go to. I heard about a school called Full Sail (fullsale.com) and they look pretty legit. I want to be in the music industry. Whether on the production side or the business side is undecided. Does anyone know of a good school for audio engineering? or Music business?

Also, does anyone know, or know of a resource for the salary of a recording engineer or different music business careers?
Check out LA Recording School, and MIT (Musicians Institute of Tech.) also in LA.
i read a site called studentreviews.com and all the reviews said that is was a rip off and they had to cram to fast.

but this school was highly recomended to me by a close friend who is in the industry
Full Sail does seem to have a great program (I am also looking at it as a college possibility). But as a friend of mine (who does that sort of stuff for a living) pointed out to me, there is no real music scene in florida (where full sail is located) and he recommended SAE (SAE.edu) in Nashville (also in NYC which is the place I'm looking at) They look to have a program of equal (or better) quality than full sail and is in cities that are GIANT music centers. It's also one of the less expensive ones fyi (no housing though...gotta find it on your own)
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i think that is the other one a friend of mine mentioned. He said it was in Nashville.

Yeah, I did wander about the music scene in Florida. HA! none.

Dallas has a nice music scene but I would like to go to LA or NYC.