can anyone give me a suggestion on some songs that have to guitars in them, and is not to advanced

thanks in advance
do u have any song suggestions from those bands that would the best pick. maybe a song that you have tried
yeah me and my friend could not decide on a song so we ended up splitting up Smells Like Teen Spirit because he hates the kind of bands i like (which is hair metal and classic rock) and the only thing we agree on is metallica and there songs are really advanced for my friend becuase he just started out about 3 weeks ago.....
i have asked him. but he likes bands like nirvana, and anti flag which i am not a big fan of those types of bands...i have suggested many guns and roses but he turns down everyone..... i also do the same with some of the songs he chooses.....

he also likes bands like megadeth, pantera and slayer......which i also do.....but those so ngs are very advanced for him and me.....well most of the songs