So i went to GC today to ask about the onyx satellite and vista to see what they thought about it and if they had any interfaces that have drivers for vista that are good for beginners. He recommended me the fast track pro. what do you think of it? Like it has everythign I would need (as far as i know) at this point in time.
first off theres no drivers out for the Mackie for vista...yet but you can email and find out when they expect to come out.
XP is better for recording anyways...

second, dont go into GC and start learning there, they will try to sell you a bunch of gear that you may or may not need or in some cases, the wrong gear.
Read up first on what you need to get the audio into your PC and then decide what you should get though reviews and research. After that you can go and pick up gear at GC.

The FTP is a fair starter interface but as with most smaller units, its 1.1USB and lacks a lot of inputs. It should be fine for a one man band with one mic.
yeah, i remember what you mentioned about vista, i was just getting their opinion too.

well yeah I mean I just want an interface that I can line my amp/connect my mic to. and yeah, it only has like 2 or 3 inputs, but i'm only goign to be doing one guitar.
yeah i was wondering about that to or something
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I own a Fast Track Pro USB and I like it. The only hitch is the USB 1.1. If I had to do it again I would go with a firewire interface, but they are expensive and I needed the portability for my laptop (which does not have firewire). Anyways, it does have 2 inputs. Mine came with Ableton Live and GT Player Express, which are both decent programs.

To answer your other question, it has everything you need to start recording except a guitar or mic.

I use XP so I can't comment on Vista compatibility.
thanks for the reply. I asked the guy at GC about whether the fact that USB is slower than Firewire would make much of a difference, and he said he didn't notice much and me being a beginner probably won't notice any.
yea hes probably right.
I didnt notice too much lag at all with my Toneport which was 1.1 USB.

I think for a start it's fine to get a 1.1 connection interface, after all...firewire is where you can send many tracks at one time but if you think about it, the FT does have that many inputs in the first place so the USB fits it. I do think 2.0 USB should have been designed to work with it and the toneport units though...

I cant search it now but I believe thrice_removed was the one who first stated how the USB and firewire compared...He compared it as a highway.

I'm sure if you searched it you would find it.

I also want to toss out that theres the E-MU interfaces which are 2.0 USB although vista drivers are not out for them yet. The 0404 has a nice amount of inputs and MIDI in/out as well. A great unit for the price IMO.

M-audio seems to be ahead with the vista drivers. I can't wait to see how my 2496 card works, should be in any day now.