i need to know what i should practicing everyday to make myself a better guitarist
i have been playing for about a month in a half. I play metal, hard rock, classic rock.....my goals to get faster and more coordinated so i can play more challenging songs
A good way to gain momentum is to practice songs that you find to be hard. I suggest downloading the program called "Power Tab" (google it). You can download powertab files here, and you can use that program to help you practice them. You can slow them down and play the hard parts until you have them nailed, and slowly build up speed until you can play it at the original tempo.

I suggest checking out the Musician Talk forum and try to get started learning music theory. That opens doors to help you learn how to write music, how to improvise guitar solos on the spot, how to pick apart and easily learn songs without looking at tabs, and all sorts of wonderful things.
Plenty of lessons here on UG you can check out. Just learn songs you like so you can get used to licks. Look at solos that contain long scale runs ("Bark At The Moon") or focus on certain scales-- pentatonic would be something to start out with (Kirk Hammett, Dimebag, Zakk Wylde). Those kinda solos will help you learn a scale in such a way that it's not just boring practice.
Try and learn some music theory while you're at it, but don't get so caught up in it that you don't enjoy your instrument.
Play as often as you like, but try and discipline yourself into playing regularly and practicing instead of just screwing around/jamming.
i have power tab. do u have any suggestions for songs that a beginner like me should try that could make me better
well my favorite band is Motley Crue. I like hair metal bands the most (Poison, Ratt, Winger, Def Leppard, ect)

also metal - Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth bands like that

and alot of classic rock like in the 70's (Black Sabbath , Zepplin, ect)
I don't know much about Hair Metal, but Metallica songs are great for beginners, so are alot of Pantera songs. Pantera and Megadeth songs have more advanced and difficult guitar solos, however.

Give "Master of Puppets", "Enter Sandman", and "Fade to Black" all my Metallica a try. Fade to Black has a great beginner-level guitar solo at the beginning that will introduce you to a lot of different techniques.

If you have any trouble with these, don't hesitate to ask questions here. Another good idea when you are stuck is to just youtube it, and you're likely to find a lesson where someone shows and explains in great detail how to do it. For instance, if you don't understand bending, search "guitar lesson bending" or something on Youtube, and BAM! Some guy with a ten minute video explaining bending.
alright i will give it a try.

Thank you very much for your help!

i appreciate it very much