so my basic settings are amp gain cranked to max, volume to a medium, & guitar volume set to 3-5

my friends come and tell me that i am basically killing my pick ups by doing this

they say guitar volume to max amp gain to max and amp volume to minimum.

i think this makes my tone super crappy. i do what hendrix and page and countless others did before me.

am i wrong and raping my guitar of its full potential?

ps when i have my guitar volume maxed i get massive feedback their solution is amp volume down.
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your freinds ar retards as guy above said. but i think it sounds better with guitar up and amp down as it creates a fuller sound
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yeah...keep doing what you're doing, your friends are dumb

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Don't listen to your friends, your ears don't lie to you.

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If it was bad why would they still put volume knobs on guitars. I keep mine at 6-8 depending on what I play sometimes as low as 4 and sometimes 10. But your friends are morons.
Depends, most of the times when I'm strumming the volume on my guitar is at about 5-7. When I need a certain boost, I put it to 10. With a overdrive, if I want to get just a little bit of RAWR then its at 4-6, if I need to do some rhythm then all the way up.

But When I play a tube amp its all in the volume man. The amp is cranked up, the cleans are breaking up. I just lower my volume down a bit. Thanks to slats that is, I used to be skeptical about tube amps because I used to think they were bad for cleans. Oh how Foolish I was
TS do you have a tube or SS amp?

You won't hurt your pickups by doing this, but experimenting is always a good idea. If you have an SS amp, try reducing the gain and turning the guitar volume up a little. Seems to sound good on some amps, but not on others, so YMMV.

If you have a tube amp, set the amp volume at max, gain low, and roll on the guitar volume and brush up on your string muting.
yeh ur friends dunno what theyre talkin about

the volume knob is used for solos mainly i think. to get a softr more subtle sound youd want a lower guitar volume.

i always see good guitarists roll the knob during certain solos