i like three days grace, nickelback, papa roach, hinder and stuff like that.

i just need some like comparisions and what not
i just have a $300 max so just any guitar thats not over that
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hm...first things first.

Don't listen to any of those bands.
Erase all memory of listening to them.
Start over with playing guitar.

I'd go with the Epi Les Paul after above steps have been put into action.
I have one and I like it.

Wise words indeed, Shinguards13

Also, both of those are kinda low end..are you just starting guitar or is this your second guitar?
i have an Epi Les Paul standard and love it
that other guys a dick about the music though. listen to what you like man
Basically the Epiphone lp-100 and the G400 have nearly identical necks.
They feel exactly the same. I would forget about the 310 idea. Do yourself
a big favor and dont let that $50 come back to bite u in the future. The G-400
Has a set neck and you can hit those higher notes alot easier than the lp-100.

The lp-100 is a good guitar. It has a bolted on neck. It is very light. I swapped
my pickups for a emg H4 set and it sings like a violin. It has surprising sustain
but nothing to write home about. It doesnt matter if it's an lp-100..if it sounds
good...play. With the right pups you can keep up with anybody.

The g-400 has a set neck and pretty good pups. nice inlays on the frets too.

If you get the les paul..you will need new pups eventually. I would go with the
G-400. It plays exactly the same..only more sustain..better looks...and more long
term value. The lp-100 is a great guitar...but you will outgrow the pups very quickly.
I say the G-400 has more long term value because you will most likely have it a lot
longer before you decide to start investing money in it to make it sound better.

Get the Lp-100 if you dont mind bolted on necks..and you plan to hot rod it up.
Dont let people tell you any guitar is crap. A lot of players will find a cheap guitar
they like that has all of the basic features they want. Then they upgrade it until
they have their own one-of-a-kind custom guitar. I love it when i play my lp-100
and people wonder how i can get the sounds out of a starter like that.

If you go to a guitar shop and have the luck of seeing an experienced jazz guitarist on a
$100 dollar yamaha and a 15 watt peavey tube amp...you will understand that the price
tag does not set the limits of what an artist can create.
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Both the G-310 and LP-100 are two of the most diabolically awful guitars to grace the earth.

400/Standards are the lowest you should ever get. And to that end, the G-400 will tonally suit you more, judging by the music you listen to. Epiphone's instruments have a naturally darker tone than their Gibson counterparts, so the Epiphone SG G-400 is roughly between a Gibson SG and an LP in terms of tone; it'll suit you more than the Epi LPs which are inherently darker than any Gibson.

As far as the music thing goes, leave the kid alone guys. Unless you've got some magical godly music collection that consists of every genre of music ever known to man, you have no right to bitch about someone else's taste in music.
dont worry about the guitar so much....if you cant play...it doesnt matter what guitar ur playin

what im sayin is..practice ur ass off.
I thought the LP100 was actually pretty good.
I think the neck felt a bit different than other les pauls i've played, so if you're a die hard LP guy, you probably won't like it.
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While I support Washburned Fretz opinion a lot of percents, I take the same approach to purchasing gear, I still say you should save up a bit more for a G400 or a standard lp. Even as templates those are infinitely better than the 310 and 100
thx and by the way i listen to other stuff to but thats more of what i would like to play so shut up
I got a xv700 black sparkle, which is a LP clone. Very nice for $300 shipped with case.
The 2 guitars you mentioned are too cheap imo.
Save a few more bux and go g-400 or something a little better.
Quote by which ones pink
They both suck hard. The Epi G-400 on the other hand, is pretty good for the price, so see if you can save up for it.


Even if you get the faded/vintage one, it's still great, especially for the price. And it's not much more than the G-310. Mine's amazing, I still play it along side with my Gibson SG.
The Epiphone G-310 was my first guitar. It was a good starter but I don't recommend it for anything else except for starters.

Out of THE CHOICE YOU GAVE US, I'd choose the Les Paul.

ALTHOUGH!! There are better guitars for just a little bit more money. Such as the Epiphone Les Paul Standard for a Les Paul user or the Epiphone SG G-400 if you're into SGs. Either one of those are pretty good for 2nd guitars or great starters.