Another random question.

I have a Crybaby, Digitech Digidelay and Digitech Hot Head. I was thinking of buying a Digitech Death Metal pedal for more distortion, but sorta torn between that and a flanger.... or something. Maybe a Digitech Whammy.

So assuming you like metal and nu rock (RATM, Chevelle, System of a Down), which effect would you buy to further your effects set up and style?
If you're into Rage, you should definitely look into a Whammy. With a Whammy and a Crybaby you can get the vast majority of Tom's tones.
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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Does everything have to be Digitech?

Oh, and the Death Metal sucks, it sounds very thin and scooped.
Try a EHX Metal Muff or a Boss Metal Core if you want some good distortion.
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Well then, I don't know!
Maybe you could.....buy a whole bunch of effects off of the internet?