Turn the keys down a little bit theyre overpowering everyhting else and turn the bass up so your all equal but I love it.
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Interesting. It turns out that there are people on the forum who play an upright bass. I'll make a note of that.

*makes note*

*puts note on wall*

*stares at note for a minute*

*sits back down and resumes doing what I was doing*
Thanks guys. Any other opinions? We're about to start recording again so any tips would be appreciated.
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i like the organ part, vocals kinda sound like kurt cobain

yeh i agree the first two songs are the best, the other two are pretty generic, but yeh its good vocals need soem refining even if you are going for the kury cobain style, notice how he only usly will scream like that when the guitars are loud, you sound very exposed, IMO

oH yeh a PLEASE get your idiot drummer to tune his drums, specaily the snare it soudn s terrible, it like dong's after he plays, just tune the ****ing things man! not rocket science! lol sorry it got on my tits all the way though opne of those songs