I was digging around in my closet, and I ran across some tubes I pulled from a 40's Bell & Howell projector, probaly 17 or more years ago . I finally found a place that had one of those socket tube testers. The dude told me they were all good. Below is a list of 'em, any of you amp builders think anything can be done with 'em? I'd hate to trash out a usable tube but im not a amp builder.............

Tung Sol 5Y3 GT/G
Bell & Howell 6V6 GT
Bell & Howell 6SL7 GT
Bell & Howell 918
Bell & Howell 6J7
Sylvania 6V6 GT F7W
Sylvania 6V6 GT G7W

1 - Tung Sol 5Y3 GT/G
2 - Bell & Howell 6V6 GT
3 - Bell & Howell 6SL7 GT

4 - Bell & Howell 918
5 - Bell & Howell 6J7

1 - Sylvania 6V6 GT F7W
1 - Sylvania 6V6 GT G7W

1 - Rectifier tube for small guitar amps. Nice.
2 - Output for all Fender Princeton and Deluxe. Nice.
3 - Dual triode, but in octal base. VERY early Fender Princeton. Not that common, but still nice for the right person.
4 - Very odd tube. Photo (light) sensor.
5 - Another oddball. Pentode for preamp with a cap for the screen grid. Not use in any guitar amp that I know of.

5 of the tubes you have will sell easily on e-bay, or make you an instant friend with a collector.

The other 2 might be useless, or have some rare application that would make them valuable.
I have no idea which.

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