I'm saving for a new guitar and I can't really decide between a Mexican standard strat or a Jackson dinky of some sorts.

I already have a Jackson RR3 and I really want some single coils but I'm not too sure about only having 21 frets on a strat compared to 22 - 24 for a dinky.

I enjoy playing some metal like metallica, as well as a lot of older rock/metal. (Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, etc.)

Another question: Are the Mexican strats worth it? I would probably have to order it from the local music store because they only have a few sunbursts and some red ones. I want a black or white one, which they don't have.

I have a Kustom 65DFX (12" Celestion, 65 watts) for an amp. I don't really like the distortion or effects on it, but the clean channel sounds great and its all I really use.

Thanks for any help
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I would consider getting a new amp. You can get a pretty decent tube amp for that money.
get a fat strat with 22 frets
adrian smith and the other guy from iron maiden use em
Used Charvel Model 1, 2, or 3 should fit the bill nicely if you like Jacksons but want a Strat
get a jackson if your playing metal
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I am not really concerned about an amp because I will probably be getting a job soon and will be able to buy a very nice one over the summer.
For what you play, I'd go with the Jackson over the Fender.
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you already have a Jackson so id go with a HSS strat. a Jackson DK2 HSS would also be a good choice tho.
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