I didn't feel like searching to see if there was another 69 Eyes Thread. So, I just made another one. I don't know where to put it either. So, I put it here.

Have fun. I guess. Maybe. Maybe not. Oh, sh i t! I don't know anymore. Motherf u cker. Damn it. Chicken cheese banana sandwhich monkey fu cker.

Have fun. (again)
i dont listen to them but i did like the lost boys song they did

the movie sucked hard tho
I liked the Lost Boys song too. Kinda reminds me of Elvis. The main singer has a really good voice, but I'm not a fan of most of their music.
I believe a 69 Eyes thread should be put in the Nu Metal forum.
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Not metal.

And horrible music anyway.
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Some of their songs really sound like Type O Negative. That's why I pretty much like them. The poppy, dance ones I don't quite like, though.
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Total Sisters of Mercy ripoff band and about as metal as Akon.

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