Alright guys I'm thinking of updating my gear (I have a crappy Givson and an unbranded amp ). One of my friends told me about the Yamaha Pacifica 012 guitar. I tried it, and it felt good... I'm on a tight budget, and the Yamaha is about 7.5-8k INR. So I have some cash left for an effects pedal. So which is better: Zoom G2 or Digitech RP50? I want a good sound AND durability. (Note that my playing skills are pretty much Beginner-Intermediate, I have just gotten into soloing.)
well i got an RP150 for christmas, all the tracks on my profile were recorded with it and it doesnt sound too bad, i havent used the Zoom G2 though.

riff#1 and 2 are recorded with a patch based on the JCM800 model i made and the other two are using the digitech solo amp model
I own the RP-50 and I love it!!
There's so many effects, amp models, and everything, I'm still experimenting with mine .

Also, you can plug in a volume pedal to control the whammy, wah, and volume.
I think the wah is kinda lame on it, but I love the whammy effects, I use it for stuff like the solo in Domination by Pantera.

I still need a volume pedal though..
The Digitech RP50's Are Very Good I Got One Today , I Had A Zoom But It Broke
had the same question hovering over my head. decided on the zoom myself. the RP doesnt record via USB or so my friend tells me - the usb merely updates the settings and banks and presets and so on.
I've had both. the G2 destroys the RP50, but is but a toy compared to say a pod or a GT-8.

Also, the buttons on my RP-50 started to go after awhile, making switching FX and settings kind of cumbersome.

I'm betting you could find either for a very reasonable price for a GT-8 or pod in the classifieds, pawn shops, or even ebay..
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