Hey all~

Entering a battle of the bands competition at my school, and truth be told, its our first performance, (i have no experience in this, neither does anyone else in our 'lil band.). in front of an audience. So i have a few questions that maybe some of you guys can help with... Don't be inclined to awnser them all, but whatever you can add to would certainly help.

#1) what do judges look for? anything specific, or advice in this oh so general category?

#2) I have the introduction from Through the Fire and Flames (Dragonforce) relatively down, though everything past the fast part of the intro i know too little of to go on (after the keyboard and the fast guitar part) do you think judges would look down on not knowing the entire song, but covering only the intro?

#2b) we were thinking of having somone play through the fire and flames on guitar hero 3 on a projecter screen right while we play the intro in real life... think this is a good/bad idea? still tinkering with it right now.

#3)in order to enter the competition in the first place, a short video has to be made of our band just jamming a bit... would it be wise to play that, (see #2) and nothing else?

#4) We are playing with uberly ghetto and rather random equipment... our bass player is pretty good but is playing on a first act amp, our monitors are from the late 70's from my uncles band a good several years ago, guitarist is playing on a 120watt spider amp, and the other guitarist on a 150 watt fender amp of sorts, the drum set is one of those cheap ones from guitar center that we got for about 600 dollars. most of our "cables" are half inch jacks with 3/4 inch adapters. think judges will frown upon the nice guitar amps, compared to everyone elses crappy equiptment?

again, any input would be nice! Thank you!

EDIT: The crowd is a bunch of high schoolers and the judges are random, no telling who they might be, cuz the school finds whatever local artists they can to judge. And yea, we've worked out a good way to end it (TTFAF), and everyone knows that part to be the most difficult song on guitar hero3, and that games huge in my area. we were thinking we would start that way, (real guitarist vs. guitar hero) then have the guitar hero one drop out, with the real guitarist being the obvious victor... being good at that game wins you idol status at out dinky lil school. i think people would like the idea of playing it for reals faaaar better... change anything?
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Don't try and impress by playing super technical songs. Just go out and play something easy to jam on to get a groove. And who cares if you have ghetto equipment. It's not about having incredibly nice equipment.
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You probably shouldn't play covers in a battle of the bands. Every judge I've talked to at one marks it down.
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we have 7 minutes to play whatever, so i would imagine that a 45 second little insertion of TTFAF wouldn't thoroughly irritate them... though they aren't professional judges either, its a high school competition and the judges are whoever they can get from local bands... Change anything?
#1) Who are the judges? Teachers? Students? Teh popul4r k1dz? Whoever it is, play what appeals to them (if you want to win, you could just play whatever just to gain stage experience). Classic rock is a genre that a lot of people like, maybe a song that gets a lot of radio time.

#2) Unless you find a good way to end it. If you just play what you know and trail off, then no. Come to think of it, since kids these days know the whole song, it wouldn't be too impressive to just play the intro (to the average person).

#2b) Not really, especially since you only know the intro.

#3) No, either play a full song that your band knows well, or set the camera to record and have everyone improv. Then just edit it and play the part that sounds the best for the judges. Make it short and to the point.

#4) Ha ha, no one cares about your equipment. Just make sure it sounds decent.

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1) The judges will be looking at how well you play the song and how tight you are. That means all your levels are right, your all playing the right parts, and if someone does mess up nobody stops and that person gets back in.

2a) Yes. Judges generally look down on covers anyway, and if you cant play the whole song don't even bother.

2b) No, horrible idea. Do I even need to explain this?

3) It would be wiser to show your band playing songs that you can play well. They won't take anyone who appear to be f*cking around seriously.

4) As I said before, get your levels right and you should be fine. Judges can't be prejudice on the quality of instruments you play.
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I wouldn't just do an intro to a song man...
but maybe thats just me
Trying to show off the skill is what we're going for... trying to show that despite ghetto equipment and such, we have potential... I don't know of any other kid near my age what can play dragon force, and at a highschool competition i thought that might have been gold... Maybe not?