We just had our first big gig tonight and i know its a lil too late but what do yall think about this setlist... we played all of these btw

song 2 - blur
by the way - RHCP
keep on Rockin in the free world - Neil Young
Longview - Green Day


Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Great set list, except for the longview part.
Song 2 by Blur is great.

any originals?
I plays guitars.
yea i have to agree with you on the longview i mean im not really crazy about it
(although our singer/guitarist is) but face it its fun to play and everyone under the sun knows it
i have def. realized that.... there is nothing better than playing in front of a bunch of people who dont know you and you know will hold nothing back...its a badass feeling to rock a place thats not feeled with your friends which im not tryin to sound in love with my self but we rocked that damn place haha
I know what you mean.
I think playing in front of friends is a lot harder than playing in front of strangers (sometimes)
I plays guitars.
idk man in a way i see what you mean bc you know if you screw up around friends then their gonna rag your ass but i think its a lot scarier and a lot funner to play in front of strangers idk what it is but its something about it