So, I was thinking about how much music has changed in the last twenty or so years. It's always seemed like bands have pushed the line as far as "hardcore" music goes. The underground music scene has often boasted styles of music that were, in their beginning, often considered dark, evil, disgusting, even “of the devil” styles of music that have since become mainstream. Nowadays, the music of the underground is much more mainstream. Newer genres such as Death Metal, Black Metal, and Hardcore are closer to the main-stream air waves than ever before; much more so than their once pushing-the-edge predecessors were in their time.

So, anyway, here's my thought: where is the next step? I mean, I'm sure older, harder bands would have never thought that music could have changed so much... I'm sure they especially didn't think that they'd ever be considered soft. But, even taking that into consideration, I dare to ask this question: how much harder can it get? It seems like that it's come to the point where you can only scream so hard, you can only growl so low, you can only distort a riff so much, and you can only play it so loud and so fast. So, what's next? Can it get harder? Or does harder music simply become more mainstream? Also, I've noticed some bands have even gone back to some older styles. Do musicians take a step back and mix the old with the new?

Anyway, just something that I was thinking about that I wanted to write down and get opinions on.
people will always find ways to get harder. when tommy iommi started using different tunings people were like "holy **** is that even possible?" it will get heavier my friend. it will just take some genius to figure out how
Tony Iommi invented C#, the note. It didn't exist before him.
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Im not reading all that...but I really miss the 90's!!

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the same question has been asked and unanswered many times here. i think it moves in circles, that's me though.
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Tony Iommi invented C#, the note. It didn't exist before him.

ya, and people called it the "devil note"
You know, music only got harder in recent years because singers started screaming and growling. Think about it, take like a hard, i dunno, Necrophagist or Amon Amarth song or something and make the guy actually sing it not growl it. Will it lyrically be any heavier than Slayer or even perhapse metallica? No, it won't be. Tunings? You can only tune so low, after a point the string falls off the guitar. Take (one of my favourites) the after solo hard riff off of Creeping Death with the "Die" chanting. If you take that riff, down tune it like a full step or two and have the lyrics growled, you would think that its modern death metal or something. So, i don't see music getting much harder.
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