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I Took some guitar/bass lessons for about six months-ish when i was first starting off... Then i was fired by my teacher lol. oh well. I don't think that they really helped me all that much anyway.

However I did get some piano lessons for a few years when i was a little kid and i basically learned all of the really reallly REALLY (can i stress it anymore?) theory that i needed to know. I think i also learnt a bit about "transfering feeling" to your instrument, which is probably something that is a lot more easily done by a kids subconcious.
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I've had 8 different teachers and I've gained something from 4 of them.
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yes i had lessons, it helped with my theory and impro and general musicianship, so pretty much everything!
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I began as a self taught guitarist, then took lessons, and my God they helped me improve so fast and expanded my music tastes. That is if you get a good teacher. I was fortunate enough mine didn't charge a lot.
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no formal lessons on guitar, learned everything I know now from watching people, listening to people, and coming here. Thanks guys.

I do take piano lessons, but I didn't know what particular instrument this thread was talking about, so I assumed that being a guitar site, it would be about guitars.

I also pretty much learned how to play double bass myself.
No lessons here...learned everything i know from guitar books/magazines /websites and frens. Also learned quite alot from learning songs from bands like love.

But if i could afford lessons i would get them
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i used to but im self teaching off the internet now
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