I recently bought a used Orange Rocker 30. The salesman said it was used for a day, like rented out for a day, but looking at the amp, it looks like a lot more. It's been working perfectly until yesterday. After playing for a bit, the volume just randomly goes up and down. Like, it'll be at normal volume for 30 seconds, then go to a lower volume for 30 seconds and go back up. The entire time I've had it, I've only been playing at pretty low volumes, between 1-3. I actually have no idea whats wrong with it, maybe it needs a tube replacement because the salesman was lying? I checked all the cables and they all seem secure. Also, my guitar is a Squier Fat Strat. Any help would be appreciated.
those are tubes failing for sure
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i don't think that's for sure, but it sounds like preamp tubes... but preamp tube fails by volume fluctuation... so...

maybe powertubes.
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Okay, i turned it off for a bit, and i switched the ends of the guitar cable (from guitar to amp, and vice versa) and left it on standby for a bit longer and it seems like it went away. But, if the problem comes back, i should replace the power tubes but not the preamp tubes?
Thanks for your help
I don't know much about tubes, but other things might be your cable ****ting out on you, or bad wiring on your Squier (not to bad mouth Squiers, but the same thing happened on mine).
If its the tubes and that salesman told you it was used for a day, you take it back, slap him around the head and demand they replace the tubes for you.
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i don't think that's for sure, but it sounds like preamp tubes... but preamp tube fails by volume fluctuation... so...

maybe powertubes.
Eh? It's usually poweramp tubes that are failing when it's a volume fluctuation...
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Thanks for the replies.
Well, after a while, it started to work fine. But, my dad thought it was the input jack on my guitar so we went out and bought a new one, and installed it. It worked for around 2-3 days and now, my amp sounds like it has it's distortion taken away. My gain is at max and it sounds like it's at like 2. It sounds like a slightly distorted clean sound. So, should I go and get the power tubes checked out? Or can there be any other explaination to this? Lastly, I plugged in my guitar to my old Fender Frontman 15w, and it worked fine, so I doubt it's the guitar's fault.

Thanks for your help.

Edit: Okay, i switched around the cable again and it works again. (Switched around as in, switched which ends of the cable go in where) So could it be the cables fault?
My cable is some fender cable. Im not sure exactly which one but I know its not the one the starter pack came with, cuz I bought a new one afterwards. Sorry I cant be more specific.
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That happened to me about a month ago. It sounds like the wiring from your input isn't grounded properly causing the signal to be undistorted and weak. Check to make sure the wires aren't touching something they shouldn't, and it should fix it.
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So I should take off my pickguard and check that? Because since my dad just soldered the wiring for the input jack, it shouldnt be anything wrong there. So when I open it up, what should I look for? Just to see if the input wire is touching something it shouldnt? But even then, shouldnt it not make that big of a difference since there is rubber or whatever that's wraped around the wiring? Sorry if it sounds really dumb, but I've never opened my guitar up before. Thanks for your help