Poll: Are there to many Sub-genres?
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We need as many Sub-genres as possible
0 0%
We need a good amount of Sub-genres
3 17%
We should limit the number of Sub-Genres
9 50%
50 million Sub-genres give everybody a grammy
6 33%
Voters: 18.
Am I the only person that opens a music magazine every month...
only to find out that I've fallen behind again? Theres another new
Sub-Genre that is now adolescent that I didn't even know was born.
I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett

(by no I mean Im way behind on music now a days too,dont care for todays music much)
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it does seem that theyve just gotten out of hand.just call it music instead of making ANOTHER -core genre
Well, Jesus Christ, I'm not scared to die,

I'm a little bit scared of what comes after

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who the **** cares what the sub genre is. I just listen to rock... not alternative rock... rock because I don't care what the hell you wanna call it. no matter the sub genre that u say it belongs to... if it is in the main genre of rock. thats what it is to me
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