I've been playing guitar for 4 years, and I hate it. I mean I'm good, but I've always wanted to be able to sing. My voice is ok.. but argg

Why can't i just be happy with guitar?
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If you hate it then why do you still play it? If you like singing you should take up some classes or something and work on that instead of guitar.
maybe guitar isn't for you. try getting a vocal coach to help u work on singing, then you can do both. or I dunno if u have done this but get involved with a band, or just start writing your own music
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even if you sing its good to be able to play guitar. You can write songs.

or you can do the james hetfield/dave "The god" mustaine thing and do both at the same time.
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well looking at youre favorite artists in youre sig i think you might be trying to sing stuff that most good singers cant sing, try to find youre voice, try singing abunch of songs in different keys then when you find the right key build off taht.
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let the guitar be your voice...
make it scream!! make it shout!! MAKE IT SING!!!
you don't need a good voice to sing... just hit the right notes...
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