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10 32%
21 68%
Voters: 31.
which milk do you prefer? Skim or Whole?
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light. Skim is too watery, whole makes me feel sick.

Light white ftw.
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i dont drink milk..

You also don't have strong bones. Ha!
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You also don't have strong bones. Ha!

someones been brainwashed =P
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I drink skim, but I use whole milk alot when I cook.
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I can't taste the difference. The flavour combination of coco pops + cornflakes + rice bubbles + honey puffs + just right overpowers whatever milk taste there is.
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Whole milk all the way, none of that watery green-topped shit.
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I drink the light milk, but if I had to choose, I'd go with real milk. Skim? What? You're joking right?
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Whole tastes better
My mum just saw this thread and gave me a talk on how whole milk is better for you than skimmed. Apparently milk used to be a subject taught in Biology and Food tech
That was a rare post..

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Whole. Fast metabolism ftw.
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