So I figure this is theory enough not to be in the Vocal sticky.

1. how do you decide to match Voice to the Music. If I'm playing a C chord, how do I decide if I should sing a C or a E or what? I understand some of it is preference, but should you be accenting the chords or supporting them? Or should you be mirroring the guitar.

edit: just to clarify when I say C or E I mean the notes I'm aiming for with my vowels. I understand singing in key, but *where* inside the key is what I'm getting at. Do you normally sing to your own melody, like if you were to solo with a guitar, or should you follow the chords?

2. besides just listening to the recording is there something like sheet for musicians(I know there is, but is it available for like pop music)

it seems like there isn't music theory for singers, which is mainly my problem here. Keywords or explanations would be very helpful.
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Its good to sing in the key of the song. Go out of key if you really want to grab the listener. You could try to follow the chords with your melody.
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